Please bring a bottle and a towel and be ready to train.

Changing and showering is forbidden at the moment.

The toilets will be in use and feel free to use but please wash your hands with the soap dispenser and dry your hands with the blue towel in the dispenser.

Water is available.

When arriving at the studio please press the buzzer and wait behind the floor marker.

Please arrive on time, do not arrive early as a client will be in there.

Even if the main entrance door is open, please still press the buzzer.

Once in the studio sanitise your hands immediately.

The studio floor is sectioned out for people to work in, particularly when groups of people are in attendance. These will be referred to as training zones.

If you are attending a class, the trainer will advise you where to stand, you will have your own section to work in unless advised differently.

Clients and class times are staggered to reduce the traffic of people.

Please feel safe using any equipment, the equipment will have been cleaned before your arrival.

During your session the items will be disinfected and cleaned ready for reuse.

Once your session is finished please sanitise or wash your hands before you leave.

When you leave please exit through the back of the studio. (Trainer will guide you).

There are designated areas to hang coats, bags.

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